Windows Faq

I get an error that says, “Login Failed” when I try to Activate AOE for Windows

Download current version to resolve this activation issue.  (Posted June, 29 2018)

I don’t have any sound! What do I do?

Click the ? help icon icon on the bottom-right of the ABOUT tab to access the Setup Wizard. It will assist you with setting up and troubleshooting the DPS. You may also try these steps to restore sound on your computer:

Reboot Your Computer
Often, this will reset your computer’s audio system and everything will work normally.

Select the proper Output Device
Usually this issue occurs when AOE is not assigned to an output you can hear. Follow these steps to get sound working on your system:

1. Be sure your computer is not muted and the volume on your speakers is turned up.
2. Open your Internet browser and play a YouTube video.
3. Click the SETTINGS tab on the AOE window.
4. Select BUILT-IN SPEAKERS from the buttons on the left of the window.
5. Click the OUTPUT menu highlighted for BUILT-IN SPEAKERS on the right side of the window.
6. While the video clip is playing, try choosing different Output Devices that are available in the list

  • This list contains all of the possible ways sound can leave your computer.
  • In most cases you will hear sound when the proper Output Device is selected in the menu.

If this solves your problem you may need to repeat steps 5 and 6 for the EXTERNAL SPEAKERS and HEADPHONES output categories. Each category may be assigned to a different output.

AOE may have crashed
If AOE crashes, audio will stop on your system. Simply launch AOE from Start menu.

If you wish to restore sound without re-launching AOE please follow these instructions:

1. Right-click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of your Windows Desktop. speaker icon
2. Choose Playback Devices.
3. Select your built-in audio driver (not AOE).
4. Click Set Default then click Ok.
Audio will be restored to your system.

The AOE driver may have been turned down


The level control for the AOE driver may have been accidentally turned down. This will prevent audio from passing while AOE is running. Fix by following these instructions:

1. On the SETTINGS tab click SYSTEM AUDIO SETTINGS at the bottom of the window. This will open the Windows audio control panel.


2. Select Speakers Digital Power Station.
3. Click Properties on the bottom right.
4. Click the Levels tab.
5. Be sure the Volume Control is at 100.

Check the Volume Mixer Levels

1. Right-click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the Windows Desktop.
2. Select Open Volume Mixer.
3. You should see at least two sliders. One for your computer’s output device and the other for Digital Power Station.
4. Be sure both sliders are turned up all the way. If you have a laptop, note what slider changes when you press your volume control key.

How do I fix the driver not found error?

Usually this problem occurs when another program is using the computer’s audio system when you first install AOE.

First, try launching AOE again from Start Menu

If that does not work try these steps to fix this issue:

Uninstall AOE with the uninstaller located in Start Menu.
Reboot your computer.
Be sure no other programs are running. Check your System Tray (triangle icon at the bottom-right of your screen) to be sure programs like Skype or any other programs that use the Windows sound system are closed.
Install AOE again. Use the AOE Setup Wizard to get sound working properly.

Other Considerations

This error may occur if you install an update while another user is signed into the computer. Follow the instructions above the resolve the issue.
If this error occurs only when you start your computer you may need to remove AOE from the Startup Folder in the Start Menu. There are rare instances when other services that are starting along with AOE at system startup interfere with the DPS driver. Just launch AOE after your computer has fully booted to avoid this issue.
Try running the installer as Administrator. After you extract the AOE installer from the zip file you downloaded, right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.

I do not hear a difference when I turn AOE on and off. What’s wrong?

You should always hear a difference when turning AOE on and off. If you do not hear a difference in the sound then AOE is not processing the audio. Please follow these steps to address the issue:

1. Click the SETTINGS tab on the AOE window.


2. Click SYSTEM AUDIO SETTINGS at the bottom of the window. This will open the audio control panel for your computer.
3. Click the Playback tab.
4. Click the Speakers Digital Power Station device.
5. Click Set Default.

When sound is playing you should see the green audio meters moving for both the Digital Power Station device and the hardware output device you chose in the AOE SETTINGS tab. Click here for more details about choosing your audio device.


How do I fix clicks and pops in the audio?

Clicks and pops in the sound may have several causes:

• Another user is logged into your computer and AOE is running on their account.
• FIX: Sign out of the other user’s account.
• Your computer may be running out of CPU resources.
• FIX: Turn off the Visualizer in the SETTINGS tab by unchecking ENABLE VISUALIZER.
• Close any programs you are not using.
• A virus scan or some other routine process may be in progress. Wait for it to complete.
• Your sound card may not be compatible with AOE.
• Be sure you have the latest drivers installed for all audio hardware.
• The M-Audio Audiophile 2496 has been confirmed to cause clicks and pops on some systems. There is no fix at this time for this sound card.
• AOE is designed to work in an entertainment and non-professional use context. Some pro-audio sound cards or external interfaces may not operate properly with AOE. If you are having issues with AOE please submit a support ticket and our engineers will assist you.

Why does the AOE window look broken?

In Windows 7, the user interface will become garbled if Use Visual Styles is turned off. Sometimes it will look like this:


To fix this issue go to Control Panel –> Performance Information & Tools –> Adjust Visual Effects and set Use Visual Styles to ON.

AOE says this version is expired. How do I get the latest version?

Please be sure you have the latest version installed. This window will appear when a software update is available:


Click Install update to get the latest version and continue use of AOE.

Why aren’t my headphones working with AOE?

Some computers (including Dell laptops) do not display the headphone driver until headphones are connected. Please follow these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Connect your headphones to your computer
  2. Open the AOE SETTINGS tab
  3. Click the HEADPHONES output category so the box is around the two drop-down menus for HEADPHONES
  4. Click the OUTPUT DEVICE drop down menu.
  5. Your headphone output driver should now be available for selection.

You may need to repeat these steps each time you connect your headphones

What are the Minimum System Requirements?

  • Compatible with Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 1.5GHz dual core processor or better
  • 3Gb RAM
  • 20Mb hard drive space
  • Internet connection for software activation and updates
  • Standard stereo sound card – Currently AOE only supports stereo audio.