General Faq

How does the subscription work?

AOE software products are now licensed for use via a paid subscription system.  This provides flexibility to our users and supports improvements to our software in the future.

Here are the key details:

  • A trial period begins when you install AOE software for the first time. You may use the software unrestricted during this trial period.
  • After the trial period is over, the software will become deactivated. You must activate the software with a subscription license to continue use.
  • You may purchase a subscription license that renews monthly, semi-annually (every 6 months) or yearly.
  • As long as your subscription status remains “active”, you may activate your AOE software using your email and password.
  • Only one computer may be activated for each user’s subscription.
  • The AOE software will check the status of your subscription once per month. If your subscription is no longer active, the software will deactivate.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time.
  • After cancellation, your account will display “Pending Cancellation” until your next renewal date.
  • Your payment service will notify that you will no longer be charged.
  • You may renew a canceled subscription at any time.
  • Click the subscription number (Sub #) on your account page to manage your subscription.
  • You will receive emails from your payment service and the AOE store when your subscription is about to renew and incur a charge.

For more details, you may read the End User License Agreement.

How do I change the payment method for my AOE subscription?

1.) Navigate to your account page on

2.) Find the “My Subscriptions” box and click on your order number

My Subscriptions

3.) On the next screen, click “Change Payment”

Change Payment

4.) On the next screen add your new payment information and click “Change Payment Method”

Can I use AOE with my Apple HomePod?

AOE is currently not compatible with the Apple HomePod.  HomePod uses an iOS based proprietary connection and streaming protocol that is different than other types of wireless or Bluetooth speakers.  Because of this, it is not possible to set the HomePod as an Output Device in AOE for Computers application.

What are AOE Profiles and how do I use them?  

AOE sound processing is powered by a system of Profiles. Each profile contains information AOE uses to optimize the audio for a particular audio device or situation. Some AOE profiles are designed to work on a wide range of devices. We call these default profiles Cities or Tools. Other AOE profiles are designed for a single device, product or custom purpose.  Click Here to learn how to select different profiles inside the AOE software.

What is the magic behind the AOE audio processing?  

Without getting too complicated, AOE is constantly adapting the incoming audio signal to match the capabilities of your audio system. It is doing this by using a patented process that “listens” to the sound the way we do. It is reacting to the audio the same way our mind reacts and it keeps sounds that are most important to us at a very consistent volume level. It does this in a transparent and musical way. Keeping important sounds at a consistent level allows all sounds to stay “above the noise” of our everyday lives so we can appreciate the nuance and emotion intended by the original creator of that content. Read more about How it Works here.